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 The best (and worst) web design trends of 2021 so far

The best (and worst) web design trends of 2021 so far

The best (and worst) web design trends of 2021 so far:

We’re halfway through 2021 – the perfect spot to stop and take stock of what the year’s brought us so far in terms of web design.

If there’s a golden thread that runs through all of our favourite designs, it’s not that they’re super-futuristic or doing anything mind-blowingly novel – it’s that they’re practical yet playful, eye-catching yet easy on the eye – and most importantly, they’re user friendly. When it comes to the trends we’re not so keen on, it’s usually because we’re seeing designers getting carried away with the look of something without really considering the poor, confused user.

From abstract shapes and retro fonts, to 3D modelling and clever audio – there’s a lot to enjoy. Whether or not you think trends are good for branding or not, there’s no escaping them to an extent. So here are the best (and worst) design trends of 2021 so far. And if you want to create your own designs, don’t miss these web design tools (or just marvel at these 404 pages for more web fun).

01. Bold colours

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Bold is (still) beautiful (Image credit: Karolina Marques on Dribble)

First there was harsh white, then the inky black of dark mode. Now, designers are embracing vibrant colours – from the infectiously warm, to colour-clash palettes that are impossible to ignore.


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