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Social Media Marketing

  • 81% of the consumers are more likely to purchase any item or service based on social media referrals.
  • 95% of Fortune 500 Companies don’t just do Social Media Management. They actively listen, engage, and respond to customer queries.

Social Media Presence

Good social media marketing doesn’t happen overnight. It takes careful strategizing, hours of brainstorming, and multiple mugs of coffee to get things rolling in the social media world. Our social media pros put together a fool-proof digital strategy for your brand and set you on an ROI-driven path.


Czysz Company Inc., has a full time, in-house team of passionate social media marketing professionals.  We collaborate with business owners and marketing managers to design social media campaign strategies that grow followers, engagement and loyalty.


Our deep passion for social media marketing has driven us to thoroughly study and understand the various social media platforms and how to properly leverage the power from each channel to meet our client’s social media goals


Let our team at Czysz Company Inc., design creative campaign strategies for the major social platforms that increase your following, boost your engagement and enhance the loyalty of your customers.


Our social media marketing team creates strategic content calendars that allow your business to see what creative content will be posted, when the creative content will be posted, and the cadence and content strategy for each social platform.

Czysz Company Inc., social media marketing team will provide a comprehensive analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok.

Increase Followership

Czysz Company Inc., Team is passionate about growing qualified followers through comprehensive and dynamic strategies.

Boost the quantity and quality of your followers with a variety of socail campaign tactics.

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate optimization or CRO is a critical aspect of digital marketing.  From landing page design to heatmaps and form analytics, we love to optimize for conversions!

Our team designs creative campaigns and content that engages followers and enhances conversation around your brand and product or services on social media.

Powerful Advocates

In today’s hyper social world, turning your customers into advocates with reviews, social shares and word of mouth is a powerful way to market your business and build your brand.

What is All Involved - Socail Martekting Strategy

Our holistic approach to social media marketing has provided measurable results for everything from local businesses to national e-commerce websites. Czysz Company Inc., certified advertising specialists can help you determine the right advertising budget and targeting options to achieve the best results.

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Social Listening

We analyze your brand on social networks to see what’s getting likes and comments.

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Channel Surfing

All social platforms are channels. And we know which ones are right for your brand and why.

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We brainstorm content ideas and campaigns that are meant to make customers buy into your brand.

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Devise and Revise

Crafting strategies that deliver value to your business is the core of everything we do.

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Ripping the ROI

All your paid campaigns run by Marketing Notch are destined to wow you and your profit accounts.

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